• Belimal Tea 


    Belimal is a well known herb used as herbal tea from ancient times. It has a characteristic fragrance and flavor which induce consumption. Regular usage refreshes the body and alleviate from fatigue.

  • Cinnamon Tea


    Cinnamon is nature’s endowment, full of natural goodness. Because of the flavor and the taste unique to the cinnamon plant, Fadna Ceylon Cinnamon Tea gives you a sensational and tantalizing feeling with the mix of Tea and Cinnamon.

  • Cooling Tea


    Iramusu (Hemidesmus indices) is famous for its blood purifying and detoxification actions. Detoxification of the body is activated by toxins expelled with sweat and urine.

  • Diabe Tea Classic


    Fadna Diabe Tea Classic is formulated to enjoy the sweet taste without sugar for diabetic patients for maximum satisfaction of a normal tea drink’s taste.

  • GINCO Tea


    This formula contains ginger, koththamalli and thippili a household remedy reputed as “The Mother’s Formula.”This combination is a time tested formula used for Common Cold, Viral Fever, Body Pain, Catarrh and General wellness used from generation to generation.

  • Green Tea With Gotukola


    The finest blend of Green Tea with Gotukola. “Green Tea” gives us a unique combination with Gotukola, enhancing the taste making it for daily use as a beverage.

  • Ranawara Tea


    Ranawara flowers have been widely used from generation to generation in Sri Lanka. It’s a caffeine-free natural tea.

  • Shape-Up (Herbal Tea)


    “Shape Up” contains pure Ceylon tea carefully blended with Goraka (Garcinia Cambogia) and spiced with vanilla. This scientific combination provides fat reduction in the body leading to a dream figure.

  • Tummy Tea


    Fadna Tummy Tea is based on an exclusively ancient traditional Ayurveda formula which consists of Thirapala, Indian sarsaparilla, Aegle marmelos, Asteracantha longifolia and glycyrrhiza glabra.

  • X Tea


    Well reputed combination for Aphrodisiac actions. This herbal tea is a blend with pure Ceylon Tea. This combination has been used for strength and vitality in traditional Ayurveda system for a long time.