Dalu Golden tips tea 50g

by lumbinitea
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Dalu Golden tips tea

Beautiful and rare whole golden Tips handpicked from selected bushes structure this tea which portrays a golden brew with a tender flavor and smooth aroma. This tea belongs to the white tea cluster which is renowned for its unique characteristics and benefits. Intensify your buoyancy with a cup of Lumbini Golden Tips.


Infusion – Fine green with a hint of freshly dried khaki

Brew      – Pale gold ring with a heart of misty yellow herbal notes and a hint of fresh citrus.


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Lumbini Tea is a Sri Lankan based family owned business initiated by Mr. D. Jayawardana in 1984. Over the years, as our reputation grew Lumbini Teas had maintained consistency in quality while offering Black teas of high character rich in aroma and flavor which has been the obvious reality in our journey of success which had made our teas being imported in large volumes by many companies and brands worldwide to be sold directly under our garden mark "Lumbini".